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What to expect about Olympic games?

There are few days left for the 2020 Summer Olympics and that’s why many people around Olympic games organization are expecting a great edition to be held! If you are passionate about the Games, here we have important information you must know.

The Olympic Games are a quadrennial, fun88 international, multi-discipline sporting event celebrated by people around the world as the world’s festival of sport. The Olympic Games take place in summer and winter and their ultimate goals are personal development and onlinecricketbetting tips world peace through sport.

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In the past editions, many athletes got outstanding results! The Olympic games of the XXIX Olympiad, held in 2008 in Beijing in the People’s Republic of China, featured 302 competitions in 28 sports, with athletes from 204 countries participating.

Then, London was the host city for the 2012 Olympics, marking the milestone of the 30th Olympic Games. The 2016 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXXI Olympiad and commonly referred to as the Rio 2016 Games, were held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. More than 11,000 athletes participated, from 205 Olympic Committees in 28 Olympic sports.

Olympic games

History of the Olympic games

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The origin of today’s Olympic games dates to the Olympic Games of Antiquity, which were held 2,800 years ago. This event took place in the region of Olympia, in ancient Greece, and was also known as the “Olympiad”.

There are different opinions about its origin. It is said that it was an athletic and artistic celebration in honor of the gods. However, numerous conflicts over time hindered the celebration of the Olympic Games of Antiquity and finally came to an end in 393 AD.

Fifteen hundred years later, in 1892, a French pedagogue, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, took the lead in the movement to revive the Olympics. Baron de Coubertin presented the idea of reestablishing the Olympic Games at an international congress held in Paris in June 1894 and his proposal was unanimously accepted.

Then, two years later, the unforgettable first Olympic Games of the modern era were held in Athens, Greece, the homeland of the Olympic Games of Antiquity.

The five rings, the well-known symbol of the Olympic Games, were also designed by Baron de Coubertin to express the solidarity of the five continents.

The Olympic Games in Japan

The Japanese master Jigoro Kano, who is considered the “father of the Olympic Movement”, was the director of the Tokyo Normal High School (now known as the University of Tsukuba) and made great efforts to promote judo.

In 1909, Jigoro Kano became the first Asian member of the IOC. He later founded the Japan Sports Association, with a view to Japan’s possible participation in the Olympic Games.

In 1911, he organized an Olympic qualifying competition, in which short-distance runner Yahiko Mishima and marathon runner Shiso Kanaguri qualified for the games of the 5th Olympiad, held in Stockholm in 1912, the first in which Japanese athletes participated.

The Olympic ideal advocated by Baron de Coubertin consisted of an elevation of mind and soul that overcame the differences between nations and cultures and embraced friendship, a sense of solidarity and fair play, which would ultimately contribute to a better and peaceful world.

This ideal has been handed down intact to this day and, consequently, Baron is honored as the “father of the Olympic Games”. In addition to the sporting and cultural content, the Olympic today puts a new focus on the environment.

The olympic games offer an opportunity for the international community to draw attention to the world’s environmental problems.

The Olympic Movement

The Olympic Movement is led by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), according to the principles of Olympism, which strives to promote world peace and improve society.

The Olympic Movement receives adherents from all over the world, and the Olympic Charter stipulates that the mark of the five interlocking rings is the symbol of this movement.

In accordance with the Olympic Charter, the IOC is fully responsible for the promotion of Olympism. The IOC recognizes 206 countries and regions and hosts the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

Main organizations of the Olympic games

The Olympic Movement is promoted by various individuals and organizations. The National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and the International Federations (IFs) are also members of the Olympic Movement.

The NOCs send their national delegations to the Olympic Games. The Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) is the NOC of Japan.

The IFs are the international sports organizations that govern each specific sport and reserve full authority over the operation of their respective competitions during the Olympic Games.

In addition, both the International Olympic Academy (IOA) and the National Olympic Academy (NOA) oversee educational and promotional activities based on Olympism.

Activities of the Olympic Movement

Among the main activities of the Olympic Movement are anti-doping, women’s participation and financial aid.

Doping, which is the use of performance-enhancing agents or other banned substances to improve performance, is not only illegal, but can also have serious detrimental effects on the body.

Therefore, the IOC has taken on an indispensable role by founding the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to fight doping in sport.

Women were not allowed to compete in the Olympic Games in ancient times and were not allowed to participate until the first Olympic Games of the modern era, in Athens.

Thanks to the women’s movement and the efforts of the IOC task force, today many athletes are taking part in the games.

Through the “Solidarity” aid program, the IOC plays an important role in providing financial assistance to athletes and coaches living in economically disadvantaged societies. The funding is dedicated to scholarships, the construction of sports facilities and other activities aimed at improving the skills and performance of all.

The 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games

In past editions, Olympic Games had been held in Tokyo as well. On October 10, 1964, with the Opening Ceremony at Kasumigaoka National Stadium, the Games of the XVIII Olympiad began. 5133 athletes from 93 countries and regions displayed their exceptional abilities in 163 events in 20 competitive sports.

It was the first Olympic Games to be held in Asia and was a resounding success. Coinciding with this momentous event, Tokyo left the postwar infrastructure behind and experienced impressive development with the construction of the metropolitan expressway and the Tokaido Shinkansen (also known as the “bullet train”).

The great progress in the capital served as a platform toward an era of rapid economic growth in Japan and showed the world its miraculous recovery.

Athletes who inspired Japan

Japan’s own athletes played a prominent role in these Olympic games. They won 29 medals-16 gold, 5 silver and 8 bronzes. One of the most memorable moments was when the Japanese women’s volleyball team won the gold medal by winning every set against the formidable and tenacious USSR team.

Many outstanding international athletes also became famous in Japan, including Ethiopia’s Abebe Bikila, who twice won the gold medal in the marathon race, and Czechoslovakia’s Vera Caslavska, who won the hearts of many fans with her wonderful performance in gymnastics.

The 1964 Olympic games not only served as an impetus for urban development and economic growth, their role in promoting sport in Japan should not be overlooked. Sports began to become a part of Japanese life. For example, the popularity of soccer led to the creation of a national league and sports clubs were born throughout the country.

2021 Olympic games: a particular celebration

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the Olympic games have been postponed. However, the expectation about them increases every second for organization committees, athletes and everyone around.

More than 40 disciplines will be featured at Olympic games and there will be five new sports. Some of the featured disciplines are Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Waterloo, Skateboarding and many others.

New sports in Tokyo Olympic Games 2020

  2. Skateboarding: It will be held in two modalities: street and park (both branches).
  4. Surfing: Surfing's Olympic debut will bring together world champions, World Surf League (WSL) veterans and rookies ready to make their mark on the sport.
  6. The main contenders come from Australia and the United States, but Brazil should be closely watched. Brazil will not be the only Latin American contingent, with 13 more nations from the continent experiencing the sport's debut.
  8. Sport Climbing: By branch, 20 athletes will take part in each of the three disciplines: speed, bouldering and difficulty. The only Spanish-speaking athlete making his debut in this sport will be Spain's Alberto Ginés.
  10. Karate: The Nippon Budokan, the spiritual home of traditional Japanese martial arts, will host the first Olympic karate competition in 2021.There are six kumite events, three per branch, in different weight categories: -67 kg, -75 kg, +75 kg (men), -55 kg, -61 kg, and +61 kg (women).
  12. In addition, there are two kata events, one per branch. And Spain has great options to get a medal, with representatives such as the world number one, Sandra Sanchez, and Damian Quintero.
  14. Baseball/softball: Baseball and softball return to the Olympic Games after 13 years (Beijing 2008). In baseball, the Mexican and Dominican Republic teams will participate, while in softball, Mexico will be the only Spanish-speaking representative.

Where will the athletes compete in Tokyo 2020 in 2021?

The new Tokyo Olympic Stadium will be the focal point of the Games and will host the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, track and field events, and several soccer matches.

While Tokyo is the center, there will be a number of events held at outlying venues. See the competition venues here.

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